About Hunar Clinic

Hunar Clinic has its roots in London’s famous Harley Street, where Dr Puneet Gupta and Dr Prerna Mittal forged their reputations as leading aesthetic practitioners for more than a decade.

The concept behind the Hunar Clinic was to take the exceptional and place it into the heart of a community, blending the most advanced cosmetic procedures within tranquil grounds to create a private, peaceful space for our valued clients. Our name and location in the quiet and plush surrounds of Gerrards Cross allow patients to embrace nature and the countryside as they reflect on the changes they are making to their lives. 

Consultations are available in the Harley Street office on a Thursday and by appointment only, but all treatments will be carried out away from the noise and bustle of London in the state-of-the-art Hunar Clinic in Gerrard’s Cross. The Clinic in Gerrard’s Cross promotes a more comforting, calm and enjoyable space, in line with Dr Puneet Gupta and Dr Prerna Mittal’s ethos of fostering the most caring and healthy environment for every client.

The Hunar Clinic is a ground-breaking practice that offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments and procedures for men and women, run by specialists Dr Puneet Gupta and Dr Prerna Mittal.

Dr Gupta is one of Europe’s top practitioners of liposuction, and one of just a handful of expert doctors in the UK trained in microlipo by the technique’s inventor, Dr Jeffrey Klein.

The Hunar Clinic dermatologist and aesthetician experts under the direction of Dr Prerna Mittal also offer a range of facial and body treatments for women and men. Dr Mittal has more than 15 years’ experience in using the latest treatments to help patients with a wide variety of medical skin conditions.

The Hunar Clinic is truly a holistic aesthetic practice catering to their client’s needs with patient safety and long-term well-being at the core of their service. 

Book a Consultation to speak with our experts in confidence to learn more about the treatments, therapies, and procedures available to you. All patients are offered an individual treatment plan.

What does ‘Hunar’ mean?

Hunar is an Urdu word meaning skill and mastery of a delicate and intricate art. Hunar is to execute supreme dexterity in performance and ability. There could be no other name to perfectly encapsulate the values, spirit and ethos of this new kind of practice. 

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Meet the team

Hunar Aesthetics Face and Body Clinic | Dr Puneet Gupta - Hunar Clinic Surgeon - Harley Street| Gerrards Cross | London

Dr Puneet Gupta

Dr Puneet Gupta

Dr Gupta has extensive experience and knowledge of all things liposuction. With over 3,500 procedures under his belt, his name is basically synonymous with ‘Microlipo’ in the UK.

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Hunar Clinic | Gerrards Cross | London | Dr Prerna Mittal Face & Body Aesthetics Doctor

Dr Prerna Mittal

Dr Prerna Mittal

Dr Mittal trained in both facial and body aesthetics at the prestigious Institute of London in Harley Street. Patients love her steady hand and innate ability to deliver symmetry and balance.

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Mr Constantinos Kyriakides - Varicose Veins

Mr Constantinos Kyriakides

Mr Constantinos Kyriakides

Mr Kyriakides has a particular interest in the use of new technologies for minimally invasive, endovascular, laser and minimal access vascular surgery for conditions that affect the circulation.

More about Mr Constantinos Kyriakides
Dr Ali Abbas - anaesthetist | Hunar Clinic | London | Near Me | Gerrards Cross

Dr Ali Abbas

Dr Ali Abbas

Dr Abbas has been administering anaesthesia since 1998. He has plenty of experience working in intensive care units and anaesthetising patients with complex medical background and requiring simple to complex surgeries.

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Hunar Aesthetics Face and Body Clinic | Cecile Lagman - Theatre Nurse | Gerrards Cross | London

Cecile Lagman

Cecile Lagman

Cecile is a theatre nurse at the Hunar Clinic, and she will be with you in the procedure room along with the doctors.

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Bruno Azevedo | Hunar Clinic | Gerrards Cross | London | Near Me

Bruno Azevedo

Bruno Azevedo

Bruno is responsible for the smooth running of the operating theatres. His friendly nature reassures patients who may be concerned or anxious about the procedure they are about to have.

More about Bruno Azevedo
Hunar Clinic | Jess Boulter | one of Harley Street’s top customer care specialists

Jess Boulter

Jess Boulter

As one of Harley Street’s top customer care specialists, Jess is a familiar face for anyone who has enquired about the work the clinic can do.

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Hunar Aesthetics Face and Body Clinic | Receptionist | Gerrards Cross | London

Govina Nandhra

Govina Nandhra

Govina is our very friendly receptionist and chaperone.

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What Our Clients Say

Skin Rejuvenation

Over the last few years I have had several treatments with Dr Prerna Mittal including Anti Wrinkle and more recently Profhilo.  Dr Mittal is a very caring doctor and puts you very much at ease as she explains not only …

Brilliant consultant

Brilliant consultant, very knowledgeable I would highly recommend Dr Puneet Gupta as he is very professional and very caring.

Friendly & professional service

As this was my first anti-wrinkle treatment, I was not quite sure what to expect. Dr Mittal explained everything clearly and immediately put me at ease. She explained that the full results can take up to 2 weeks to be …

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