Chin Enhancements

As we grow older, our facial bones including our eye sockets, nose and upper jaw continue to change including the bones of the middle part of the face. Loss of bone mass in the jaw reduces the size of the lower face and makes your forehead, nose, and mouth more pronounced which in turn could cause your nose to lengthen slightly. In the meantime, your chin may also become more/less prominent with the chin crease getting deeper and the dips resulting in a smaller, hooked chin.

If your chin is out of proportion, then it can throw out the balance of the rest of your natural features.  A recessed chin may not provide enough structure to create a visual distinction between the face and the neck and a small chin can make the nose appear larger. A well-defined chin creates a balance between the nose, neck and cheeks.

These changes occur in both men and women but women experience a greater bone loss particularly after menopause and so the face shape changes are greater with the lower face shrinking and the mid face getting heavier.

Dermal fillers are injected in different parts and layers of the chin, depending on where each person’s weaknesses are and can help to:

  • Increase the length of the chin. 
  • Increase the projection of the chin if the chin stops too short relative to the lips.

This can help with the following conditions:

  • retrognathia, a condition where the chin sits too far back relative to the cheeks.
  • microgenia, a condition in which the chin is underdeveloped.
  • subtly enhancing the chin if it is behind the lower lip especially and the labiomental crease
  • Reduce the chin crease. Chin fillers reduces the deep crease that some people get, and also stops the ‘C’ shaped hooking of the chin which happens with ageing.
  • Increase or decrease the width of the bottom of the chin.  Women look best with a rounded chin that tapers gently and men look best with a strong, square chin.
  • To erase or reduce a chin dimple.

To check your eligibility for this treatment and which procedure is the most suitable you will have a full consultation with Dr Prerna Mittal. To find out more, book a consultation here.

*Patients experiences will vary dependent on age, lifestyle and medical history


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