Crow’s feet

Our eye area is particularly prone to wrinkles: this is because of a number of reasons:

  • thin skin is more susceptible to environmental damage like UV rays and pollution;
  • it has fewer oil glands, which leave the skin drier and less supple, and
  • lots of movement from facial contractions like smiling and squinting helps creases to form.

Whether we call them crow’s feet, laughter lines, character lines or simply eye wrinkles, these lines on the outside corners of our eyes are inevitable.

Unfortunately, crow’s feet are not only signs of ageing, but also make us look tired.

Botulinum toxin has been approved for many uses including treating crow’s feet on the face, with surprisingly natural results.

When administered properly by a fully qualified medical practitioner, botulinum toxin injections will diminish crow’s feet and still enable movement in your facial expressions to remain and avoid the unwanted ‘frozen’, look. It normally takes 5-14 days for the treatment to work.

At the Hunar Clinic, we strive to help you look great for your age in a completely natural and subtle way.


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