Eye Wrinkles/Crow’s Feet

Whether we call them crow’s feet, laughter lines, character lines or simply eye wrinkles, the lines on the outside corners of our eyes are inevitable. Crow’s feet or eye wrinkles are a sign of ageing but have the undesired effect of making us look tired and old

Our eye area is particularly prone to wrinkles because the skin under and around our eyes is thin and more susceptible to environmental damage such as smoking, pollution and UV rays.

As there are fewer oil glands in the eye area the loss of collagen and elastin leave the skin drier and less supple. Along with the continuous movement of facial contractions like smiling and squinting, which are a natural part of life, these lines and creases tend to become a more permanent feature

The best way to reduce the formation of crow’s feet/eye wrinkles is to protect the are from the sun, stop smoking, keep the area hydrated and follow a good skin care regime.

However, when eye wrinkles/crow’s feet have become permanent creases then botulinum toxin A injections are used to treat them with surprisingly natural results. Dr Prerna Mittal can advise on the best treatment available allowing movement in your facial expressions to remain and avoid the unwanted ‘frozen’, look.

At the Hunar Clinic, we strive to help you look great for your age in a completely natural and subtle way.

You will have a full consultation with Dr Prerna Mittal before the treatment to ensure this procedure is right for you. To find out more, book a consultation here.

*Patients experiences will vary dependent on age, lifestyle and medical history


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