Forehead and Brow lines

Hunar Clinic offers a range of treatments to help smooth the signs of ageing and the reduction of wrinkles and lines.  Many of the lines/wrinkles that form on our faces are a result of ageing and from constant facial muscles moving and contracting.  These facial muscle movements affect both men and women throughout adult life and include squinting, the raising of eyebrows, frowning and concentrating.

As we age we lose skin elasticity as well as collagen which both contribute to the onset of wrinkles and lines as the skin is less supple and doesn’t spring back into place as quickly as it once did. This along with genetics and the constant facial movements contributes to the formation of our forehead and brow lines.

There are also environmental factors that contribute to the onset of our lines/wrinkles such as UV rays, sun exposure, smoking, pollution and a poor skincare routine, which can all be minimised throughout earlier adulthood.

Hunar is a leading Clinic that carries out non-surgical aesthetic procedures, using branded products, containing Botulinum toxin A to relax the muscles. All patients leave the Clinic with a natural and fresher appearance.

If you’re interested in finding about the best treatments for your forehead and brow lines, book a consultation to talk through your area(s) of concern with our highly qualified Dr Prerna Mittal.

*Patients experiences will vary dependent on age, lifestyle and medical history


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What Our Clients Say

Very Caring and Assuring

I had my first anti-ageing injection last year which turned out to be a great experience with amazing results! I remember being terrified that it might be painful but I didn’t feel a thing. Today I had my second treatment …

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