Smokers’ lines

Smokers’ lines have many names. They are also known as perioral lines, vertical lip lines, or lipstick lines (where your lipstick bleeds into the lines above your lips). They can appear around the lips from between the ages of 30-40.

What causes smokers’ lines?

They are often caused by smoking, hence the name, but can also be a natural result of ageing, sun damage or even having ill-fitting dental structures.

These wrinkles can be very fine or more pronounced above the upper lip while some might be around the edge of the lips (marionette lines) or along the lower jaw. As the wrinkles are concentrated around the mouth the visibility is enhanced every time the mouth is moved, even when the movement is minimal.

These wrinkles can age women significantly. They can also make you look tired and sad.

Can you prevent them?

Prevention is better than cure, and this can involve lifestyle changes, but for some, it may be too late as perioral lines come about through the loss of collagen and elastin around the mouth.

At the Hunar Clinic, we recommend that you stop smoking as it damages the area where the muscle activity is constantly folding and creasing the skin, which along with speech and expressions of the mouth, all contribute to the lines forming around the mouth also known as character lines.

Where possible avoid UV exposure (direct sunlight as well as tanning), eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

What’s the best treatment for smokers’ lines?

These fine lines can be improved by using dermal fillers as they replace the volume lost by plumping up the skin under the wrinkle, achieving a more youthful and relaxed appearance without undergoing any surgery. By improving the volume of the upper lip, you can stop the bleeding of lipstick into these fine lines and give your lips more definition. In some cases where there are deep lines, Dr. Mittal will use a combination of fillers and injectables to relax the muscles under the skin.

Dermal fillers can restore the loss of volume by providing structural supports to lift up the creases and smooth out fine lines as well as stimulating natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production. Dermal fillers can be also used for lip enhancements, nasolabial folds, cheek and chin augmentation.

Fuller and plumper lips can be achieved without fear of celebrity trout pout by placing yourself in expert hands for the most natural of differences.

At your initial consultation with our qualified medical practitioners, we will discuss a personalised lip filler treatment plan that follows a subtle approach for a fuller, yet, natural-looking lips. Building on the effect can always be achieved by subsequent top-up treatments.

How long is the procedure?

The procedure is simple and straight-forward and only takes between 15 and 30 minutes, including the consultation time to discuss what you’d like to achieve from the non-surgical treatment.

What happens during the procedure?

We inject a few tiny injections directly into the skin above the lip, around the mouth or lower jaw, depending on where your perioral lines are. You may feel some discomfort during the procedure so a local anaesthetic cream can be applied first or some dermal fillers are available with local anaesthetic (0.3% lidocaine included) for a more comfortable treatment experience.

What happens after?

After the area is treated there may be red, swollen and in some cases minor bruising. However, you can apply make-up straight away and go to work as there is no downtime as the aesthetic results are immediate.

How soon can you see the results?

The results can be seen immediately, and the treatment will last from nine months to about a year. We recommend repeated treatments to maintain results over a longer period-of-time.

The procedure will vary from person to person and the severity of the lines being treated.

Lip enhancement from £300

Peri-oral lines from £300

Improving cheek volume from £250 per ml

Nasolabial Folds from £300

Chin Augmentation price on consultation


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