Thin lips

Thin lips are usually something that we are born with, but they may also be a natural result of the ageing process.

As we get older, the thin skin on our lips is particularly vulnerable to ageing as our collagen breaks down faster than we can produce it. On top of this, the muscles around our mouth area also weaken, causing wrinkles around the mouth area.

Whether you were born with them or got them later in life, there are treatments to make them fuller and plumper.

Although it’s making its way over from the US, we don’t recommend lip implant surgery. Besides your lips feeling numb and painful for several days after the procedure, you might also have trouble drinking or eating without spilling for about a week and feel a light to medium pressure for about 3 weeks.

On top of this, there is a higher change of infection and if implants need removing, it’s not always a straightforward procedure.

There is also the change of the implant moving or scar tissue developing around the implant. If this happens, the lips can look deformed or the tissue can become very hard.

At the Hunar Clinic we recommend treating thin lips with dermal fillers, which have been proven to achieve excellent results for many people. Small amounts of filler are injected into the lips and surrounding area as required to enhance their natural shape, creating a fuller look and smoothing out wrinkles.

At your initial consultation, Dr Mittal will discuss a personalised treatment plan that follows a subtle approach in keeping with your looks, age and goals. For example, achieving fuller-looking lips in your 30s or smoothing fine lines in your 50s.

If you would like fuller lips and feel self-conscious get in touch for a consultation.


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