Dr Prerna Mittal

MBBS, MBCAM, GMC No: 6043764

Dr Prerna Mittal is a fully registered member of the General Medical Council (GMC) with licence to practice, and a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Mittal qualified in Medicine in 2002 and before completing her General Practice training from Oxford Deanery. She has worked in NHS hospitals performing general medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, family planning, women’s health, palliative care and adult psychiatry.

In 2015, Dr Mittal trained in both facial and body aesthetics at the prestigious Institute of London in Harley Street, before launching her own practice in Stoke Poges and Maidenhead in 2016.


Dr Mittal’s experience in minor surgery as a GP helped cement her credentials when turning to the cosmetic and aesthetic medicine industry, and her patients have come to welcome her steady hand and innate ability to deliver symmetry and balance.

Considered a leading practitioner of aesthetic treatments, Dr Mittal is fully accredited, qualified and insured to carry out a variety of treatments for women and men. She is also a frequent and valued expert contributor to media articles concerning these subjects.

At a time when aesthetic procedures are more popular than ever, and also under more scrutiny than ever, Dr Mittal is involved in regular appraisals and revalidation processes to ensure that she is following good medical practice as a member of the GMC.

Through her commitment to patient well-being and safety she frequently trains in the use of the latest products, such as Profhilo, the revolutionary non-surgical skin laxity treatment to tackle facial lines and wrinkles. Dr Mittal has also improved the tone, texture and hydration of patients with visible signs of ageing skin through Profhilo.

Her mission is to ensure patients are fully informed about any aesthetic procedure and that they have a realistic expectation of the outcome, as the treatment will inevitably vary for every individual. 

Each appointment begins with a thorough review of the patient’s requirements, ensuring the treatments offered are considered to be both effective and safe.

As a trained member of the medical profession, Dr Mittal has a responsibility to practice and follow a strict code of ethics alongside maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and techniques.

Safety and patient welfare are Dr Mittal’s top priorities and the foundations on which the clinic is run. She takes immense pride in contributing to the ongoing wellbeing of every patient long after their aesthetic procedure is complete.


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