Dr Puneet Gupta

MBBS, MRCGP, GMC No: 5206982

Dr Puneet Gupta is one of Europe’s leading aesthetic physicians. He performs a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures from his clinic in Gerrards Cross.

Dr Gupta trained as a GP with a special interest in dermatology at Oxford Deanery. He is also a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Gupta has extensive experience and knowledge of all things liposuction. He is regularly called upon by the media for his expert opinion on trends and technical aspects of surgery. He has featured on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies as well as chat shows for several BBC programmes. He is often interviewed by national and international publications such as The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Tatler, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. 


To date, Dr Gupta has performed over 3,500 liposuction procedures, and his name is synonymous with ‘Microlipo’ in the UK. He is a specialist and one of a small handful of expert liposuction doctors trained extensively in the art of microlipo (or microcannular liposuction) by the American inventor of the procedure, Dr Jeffrey Klein.

Microlipo, also known as tumescent liposuction, is heralded today as the world’s safest and most comfortable type of liposuction. It also boasts the fastest recovery times and best cosmetic results. 

The technique involves local instead of general anaesthesia, swelling the area with fluid and removing fat through tiny cannulae less than 2 mm in diameter. This allows for minimal recovery time, no bleeding and no scarring. 

Where most of the historic risks associated with liposuction concern general anaesthesia, large amounts of work done in a day, and combining procedures, the pioneering microlipo procedure avoids all of these dangers. 

Under Dr Gupta’s expert hand, patients are fully conscious, there is no general anaesthesia, and none of the post-operative sickness that comes with it. Patients can usually expect to return to work within five days, and only need to wear a compression garment for a few days post-treatment.

Dr Gupta is one of the very few liposuction doctors across Europe trained to perform both VASER and microlipo, giving him an unrivalled position from which to consider the suitability of procedures for each individual.

Safety and patient welfares are Dr Gupta’s top priorities and the foundations on which the clinic runs. Not only is Dr Gupta’s safety record incomparable, but the clinic also takes immense pride in contributing to the ongoing well-being of every patient long after their procedure is complete.


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What Our Clients Say

Flawless experience and fabulous results from Dr Gupta

Flawless, personal and professional experience with the charming Dr Gupta.  The results of my Microlipo on my rather flabby arms are fabulous and I am flaunting my now slender arms this summer for the first time in a long time. …

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