The skin on our neck and décolletage is prone to premature ageing as it’s three times thinner than the skin on our faces. It also lacks the regenerative ability required to bounce back when damaged. The décolletage presents a significant aesthetic concern for many women as we hit the age of 40, as a wrinkled décolletage can reveal a woman’s age just as easily as her hands. Think crinkly chests and lines between the cleavage which are deep and appear as the skin becomes older and thinner along with the dreaded age spots and UV damage.

Women in their 40’s and 50’s see an accelerated breakdown of collagen and elastin leading to skin thinning, dryness and other changes such as solar elastosis (a disorder in which the skin appears yellow and thickened as a result of sun damage), increased inflammation along with cell damage (red and brown spots), ruddiness, thin & wrinkled skin often giving a bubble wrap appearance.

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*Patients experiences will vary dependent on age, lifestyle and medical history

You will need to book an appointment at Hunar Clinic to discuss the options associated with having dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to give volume to the neck/décolletage area giving a smoother and more youthful appearance.The procedure lasts for 15-30 minutes plus any time to discuss what you are hoping to achieve during the non-surgical treatment. At Hunar Clinic we always mark the area prior to treatment to ensure that we correctly administer the product into the areas agreed during the consultation.You may feel some discomfort during the procedure so a local anaesthetic is be applied first or some dermal fillers are available with local anaesthetic (0.3% lidocaine) included for a more comfortable treatment experience.Dermal fillers, contain Hyaluronic Acid, which is an injectable substance made from natural and synthetic material and has been developed to restore skin to its youthful appearance, it is long-lasting but not permanent. Dr Mittal will often use combination of dermal fillers and anti-relaxing injectables depending on the deepness of the line. Only small doses of muscle relaxing injectables are used and are injected into the dermis 1-2cm apart to weaken the muscle movement which in turn relaxes the cells in the dermis. This is a safe treatment and results can last 3 – 5 monthsIn addition, some women can develop an ageing ‘veiny’ appearance to the neck. This is due to a muscle called the platysma becoming more prominent, resulting in platysmal bands. These bands contribute to the ‘turkey neck’ that many women experience as they get older. By using anti-relaxing injectables the muscles from prevented from contracting to form wrinkles, or from bulging to form a ‘turkey neck’ appearance.

After the treatment, the area may be red, swollen and in some cases, minor bruising may occur, but you will notice the aesthetic results immediately. It may about a week to ten days for the final results to be visible due to your reaction, as all patients are different.

Dermal Fillers are long lasting but not permanent and depending on the area treated can last up to 12 months or longer using Ellanse, but to maintain the appearance you will need to have regular treatments.

Women neglect the décolletage and think skincare or sun protection stops at the chin. Once again, Dr Prerna Mittal recommends the use of a sunscreen all year round to include your face, décolletage and other areas of high sun exposure. Once the collagen in the skin breaks down those wrinkles tend to linger along with volume loss due to ageing, pollution and in some cases repeated rapid weight changes resulting in the chest losing its youthful appearance.

Dr Prerna Mittal will discuss the options with you at your consultation as treatments vary according to the patient, the number of procedures you are having, the brand and how much is required.

TreatmentPrices from
Dermal Fillers for Lips  £350
Dermal Fillers for Cheeks  £500
Dermal Fillers for Marionette lines  £300
Dermal Fillers for Nasolabial folds  £350
Dermal Fillers for Perioral Lines  £300
Ellanse® x 1ml  £375
Ellanse® x 2ml  £550
Radiesse® x 2ml  £550
Juvaderm® 1ml  £375
Juvaderm® 2ml  £500
Profhilo® x 1ml£270
Profhilo® x 2ml£500

Other areas treated by dermal fillers include: cheek, chin, jaw, lips, lipstick/smoker’s lines, nasolabial and marionette lines and tear troughs

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