Thin Lips are a result of ageing in most cases and dermal lip fillers are an effective way of adding volume, plumpness and definition which helps to enhance the natural shape of the mouth.

Ageing generally affects the lips after the age of 30 years when they begin to thin and lose their natural full shape due to the reduction in collagen production. The loss of collagen in the face can cause the skin to start sagging or droop and line/wrinkles develop. lip filler treatments can help to restore your natural lip shape again.

Some patients have thin lips as part of their genetic make-up and so seek out lip filler treatments to give them greater volume and plump the lips up to give them a more voluminous pout or improve the definition of their lips.

In general lip fillers can help to create a more defined smile, amore youthful and rejuvenated appearance and if used in conjunction with filling the fine lines (smokers lines/lipstick lines) around the mouth giving a less wrinkled and aged appearance.

Different types of lip enhancement are available depending on the look the patient wishes to achieve:

Lip Enhancement options

Smiley Sides (1): the two corners of your lips are known as the oral commissures and in some cases these can appear downturned and can cause you to look unhappy when you are not.  Injecting dermal filler into the bottom lip at the corners of the mouth gives an upturned appearance to your face resulting in a fresher and younger look.

Add more Definition (2):  dermal filler can be added to the lip outline (vermilion border).

Improve the Volume (3) of your lips: dermal filler will be added to the fleshy part of the upper and lower lip.

Philtrum Columns (4):  these are the vertical groove that runs from your nose to your upper lip. Injecting dermal filler into this area can really enhance your cupids bow (7) giving a define V and structure to your lips.

Lipstick/Smoker’s lines (5): Perioral lines or fine vertical lines can appear around the lips and are often caused by smoking hence the name smoker’s lines but can also be a natural result of ageing. Dermal filler can help to fill these lines reducing the appearance of them leading to a more youthful look.

Nasolabial Lines (6): lines from the nose to the corners of the lips which can also be lifted and filled with dermal filler injections reducing the signs of ageing around the upper mouth area.

Perfect Proportions (8): balancing the volume in the upper and lower lip perfectly with perfect symmetry on the left and right of the lips.

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*Patients experiences will vary dependent on age, lifestyle and medical history

Dermal filler lip treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips themselves and/or around the mouth (lipstick lines) as well  to enhance and define the natural lip shape by restoring volume and fullness. In some cases the patient may want a fuller look and so the amount of dermal filler used will depend on the look the patient wishes to achieve.If you choose to have numbing cream applied before your lip filler treatment this will be applied ahead of your procedure and you will need to come 30 minutes prior to your designated appointment time. Once ready, hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers which are a smooth gel will then be injected into the treatment area by Dr MittalDr Prerna Mittall, at the initial 30 minute consultation, will assess the shape of your lips and the look that you wish to achieve. Dr Mittal uses only the highest quality brands of temporary fillers to inject into your lips and is a highly qualified and certified doctor.If you would like to discuss your options, come and see us for a consultation

The results from dermal lip filler are instant however asymmetry, swelling, bruising and redness are very common after treatment but these will usually subside completely within a week, but patients usually return immediately to work.

Dr Prerna Mittal advises that you avoid strenuous exercise for 4-6 hours, avoid touching your face for 6 hours including applying make-up, minimise your sun exposure and protect yourself with SPF.

Dr Prerna Mittal will discuss the options with you at your consultation as treatments vary according to the patient, the number of procedures you are having, the brand and how much is required.

TreatmentPrices from
Dermal Fillers for Lips  £350
Dermal Fillers for Cheeks  £500
Dermal Fillers for Marionette lines  £300
Dermal Fillers for Nasolabial folds  £350
Dermal Fillers for Perioral Lines  £300
Ellanse® x 1ml  £375
Ellanse® x 2ml  £550
Radiesse® x 2ml  £550
Juvaderm® 1ml  £375
Juvaderm® 2ml  £500
Profhilo® x 1ml£270
Profhilo® x 2ml£500

Other areas treated by dermal fillers include: cheek, chin, jaw, lipstick/smoker’s lines, nasolabial and marionette lines, tear troughs, 8-point facelift and a non-surgical facelift.

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