Lipoedema liposuction, recommended by the Society for Phlebology and the Royal Society of Medicine, is the most effective and long-lasting method of treating the condition. Fat cells can be removed gently and uniformly through microlipo. The Hunar Clinic has given lipoedema suffers a new life and restored self-confidence with this pioneering treatment.

The disease lipoedema (not to be confused with lymphedema) causes symmetrical gatherings of fat usually in the legs, buttocks and arms. It can affect anyone, but statistics show it is most common in women. Where lipoedema manifests in a body part such as the upper arms, it is the case that the surrounding areas, the upper body and hands for example, usually remain slim. It is a fat distribution disorder, both chronic and progressive.

For sufferers, it can often appear hopeless as diet and exercise do nothing to alleviate the symptoms. In some cases where the fat has gathered to such an extent in the legs, it makes any kind of movement painful and dangerous.

Lipoedema sufferers will be aware conservative treatments such as decongestant or exercise therapy, where applicable, are only a temporary relief.

Lipedema liposuction, and specifically microliposuction, has been backed by academic researchers and professionals as the best way to achieve longer-term results. The Hunar Clinic’s specialist procedure, performed by Dr Puneet Gupta, can remove fat cells in a uniform manner, safely and effectively. No general anaesthetic is required meaning the risks are significantly reduced, and as the tumescent technique is so safe and gentle, more fat cells can be reduced in one sitting without fear of negative side-effects. Lipoedema sufferers have walked out of the Hunar Clinic unable to believe the change in their body, self-confidence restored, they can imagine a life of short skirts and outdoor pools in the summer again.

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*Patients experiences will vary dependent on age, lifestyle and medical history

Microliposuction is performed with a mix of tumescent local anaesthesia and tiny cannulae to achieve smooth and natural results. The dilute fluid is administered into the affected areas where it mixes with fat cells and becomes swollen and hard. Microcannuala are inserted into the body and the fat is gently sucked out.

As the diseased fat cells are destroyed and removed, the skin usually becomes visibly smoother. The lymph vessels are protected with the special procedure of fine needle suction with blunt cannulas in tumescent technique. The minute punctures usually leave only small, barely visible scars and any excess of skin recedes easily after the treatment.

The procedures are step-by-step, in the case of the legs usually start with the outer thighs. There is usually a four-to-six week interval in between treatments, which requires patience on the part of the individual before results are clear.

Due to the chronic nature of the disease, even when the fat is removed, the underlying pathology of lipoedema still exists. There is no known cure of lipoedema, and the fat will return again over time, and the patient will undergo the same treatment to remove it.

Dr Gupta will talk you through the correct aftercare procedure, as this is crucial to a speedy recovery between sessions, and better results in a quicker period of time.

Compression therapy is a major part of post-procedure care. Wearing a compression garment reduces swelling, pain, and also supports the body’s tissue. Dr Gupta will assess each patient prior to a procedure to gauge their suitability for the compression strapping.

Some patients choose to accompany microlipo with Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a massage-based form of treatment that stimulates the activity of the lymphatic system and can help control symptoms.

Attempts to lose weight previously may not have an impact on lipoedema, but preventing or reducing obesity in other parts of the body through healthy eating and physical activity will protect against deterioration in general health.

Dr Gupta and his team of experts will talk you through the importance of finding a healthy and balanced diet that will fit around your lifestyle. Patients are encouraged to be as physically active as possible, and carry out activities that are suitable for someone with their condition.

The team will check on you for several weeks afterwards, helping you to readjust as the transformative therapy changes your life.

Lipoedema shows markedly different symptoms in patients and can affect different parts of the body in a multitude of ways; it is also treated through a number of sessions as opposed to one sitting. As such, there is no “fixed” cost to the procedure, and it is only after the consultation that Dr Gupta can gauge suitability and then suggest a cost for you.

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