As we age our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles begin to form making us look older than we might otherwise be. We all want to turn back the ravages of time permanently, but unfortunately this is not an option, so Hunar Clinic offers all patients the opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh their face through anti-wrinkle treatments.

Wrinkle injections are suitable for most patients who have wrinkles or fine lines on their face which have formed as a result of ageing, exposure to the sun or from frowning the same way for years. See how Hunar Clinic can help reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles giving you a smoother and fresher appearance.

Hunar Clinic also offers injectable treatments including Profhilo and Dermal Fillers for both men and women. If you are prone to chronic migraines or excessive sweating then Botox injections can help relieve these symptoms then please consult your GP or book an appointment for more information.

Book an appointment at our state-of-the art Hunar Clinic and relax in the hands of our highly qualified medical practitioner, Dr Prerna Mittal. Your skin, lifestyle and what you are hoping to achieve from the treatments on offer will be assessed before a treatment programme specific to you is recommended.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment areas for all injectables

Anti-wrinkle verus dermal fillers

The areas fo the face that we treat at Hunar Clinic are

Book a consultation here with Dr Prerna Mittal to ensure this procedure is right for you.

*Patients experiences will vary dependent on age, lifestyle and medical history

If you’re interested in finding out about the best treatments for your fine lines and wrinkles, book a consultation to talk through your area(s) of concern. Wrinkle smoothing treatments take between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on whether you combine your consultation with your treatment or not.A very fine needle is used to place the product under the skin, into the muscle to relax so it no longer moves. It can cause discomfort in some patients so a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to numb the area so that the client usually only feels a slight pricking/stinging sensation. You will always leave Hunar Clinic with a ‘natural’ look and Dr Mittal will ask you back within two weeks to assess the results and give you a top-up, if required.It can take up to ten days to see the final results of the smoothing of the area from the anti-wrinkle injections. The effects of wrinkle-smoothing injections can last for an average of 3-4 months, although the best news is that after a few treatments, this can often increase to 6 months.By having wrinkle smoothing injections on a regular basis it stops the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles as the muscles on the face are relaxed and you will have reduced the amount of facial movements you make on a daily basis.

Occasionally there may be some mild swelling or bruising and possibly a headache for up to an hour afterward. However, most people will leave the clinic immediately to resume their daily routine, including driving.

Dr Prerna Mittal recommends that you don’t do any strenuous exercise for 24 hours and do not touch your face for at least six hours post treatment.

The result of anti-wrinkle injectables is that your lines and wrinkles will be smoothed out and your skin will be rejuvenated, youthful and glowing.

Dr Prerna Mittal will discuss the options with you at your consultation as treatments vary according to the patient, the number of procedures you are having, the brand and how much is required.

Profhilo® x 1ml  £270

TreatmentPrices from
Anti- Wrinkle Injections – 1 area  £210
Anti- Wrinkle Injections – 2 areas  £260
Anti- Wrinkle Injections – 3 areas  £300
Dermal Fillers for Lips  £350
Dermal Fillers for Cheeks  £500
Dermal Fillers for Marionette lines  £300
Dermal Fillers for Nasolabial folds  £350
Dermal Fillers for Perioral Lines  £300
Ellanse® x 1ml  £375
Ellanse® x 2ml  £550
Radiesse® x 2ml  £550
Juvaderm® 1ml  £375
Juvaderm® 2ml  £500
Profhilo® x 1ml£270
Profhilo® x 2ml£500


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